DFA Campaign Academy Returning to CT

Democracy for America -- Fairfield County teams up again with the Shoreline League of Democratic Women to co-host a two-day DFA Campaign Academy on Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7, at Wesleyan University.  The cost is only $70 for two full days of training (lunch included) staffed by trainers from Democracy for America's national office in Burlington.

ACTIVIST TRACK -- new this year -- SUNDAY ONLY!  We know that politics goes beyond electing the best candidates, it includes winning on issues that impact our communities. The Activist Track is for people who are looking to gain or improve skills needed to run effective issue campaigns. In addition to the traditional training sessions running on Sunday, Activist Track participants have issue-organizing specific session options.

The traditional two-day professional training program covers the science of running and supporting a winning campaign.  Learn the ropes and sharpen your skills!  Learn about building a strong field plan, effective campaign communication, successful financial strategies, grassroots organizing via the Internet and other important campaign topics.

If you're a current office holder, candidate, campaign manager, fundraiser, or volunteer, this training will help you.  You'll also meet fabulous people from all over the state.  If you only have time for one event this spring, THIS IS IT!



CT Against Gun Violence

CT Against Gun Violence Executive Director Ron Pinciaro joins John Hartwell to talk about the political response to the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown 

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What are GMOs And Why Does It Matter?

Tara Cook-Littman and Amanda Wendt from GMOFreeCT join Stream of Conscience Host Doug Sutherland to talk about how Genetically Modified Organisms got into the American food supply and why there's no science proving they are safe.

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Tara Cook-Littman from GMOFreeCT joins host Stream of Conscience Host John Hartwell to talk about their grassroots effort to lable foods with Genetically Modified Organisms so consumers can make a choice about what they feed their families. 

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Middle East Overview

Amer Nimr and Jihad Mirza join John Hartwell for a look at the ethnic and religious mix in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

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Where We Stand

America has never been more divided in our lifetimes, and 2012 is shaping up to be another critical year.  Our group, which came together initially to support Howard Dean, then formed the core of Ned Lamont's support in 2006 and worked hard for national, state, and local candidates in more recent elections, has never defined itself beyond being "socially progressive, fiscally conservative."

But what does that mean?  How, as a group, should we evaluate office holders and candidates who want our support?  What do we stand for?

The conversation is still on-going, but the direction is clear.  We want an end to foreign wars, a return to the rule of law, a fairer financial and tax system, universal health care, a political system based on people not money, a clean environment, and a focus on rebuilding America.

The list below is a start.  We invite your comments.

Next meeting "The United States of ALEC" Wednesday, April 3rd

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